1933,we started manufacturing sewing machines as the mechanical division of Fukusuke Corporation, which was one of the biggest apparel manufacturer in Japan.
Since then, we have improved our product development, creativity and technical capabilities for over 80 years.
Currently, we specialize in build-to-order manufacturing and sales of low-pressure casting machines (LPDC), gravity casting machines, and other various labor-saving equipment for aluminum casting manufacturers.
In particular, we get high trust and reputation from our customers for casting machines for aluminum automobile parts due to our technical and development capabilities and our thorough after-sales follow-up system.
After being member of General Holdings company, we have been further focusing on accelerating the expansion to overseas markets.
As the best partner of aluminum casting manufacturers not only in Japan but also in the world, we have been contributing to the productivity improvement of our customers.
We are also focusing on designing, developing, manufacturing and technical support for various type machines except for the aluminum casting machines.

About us

Our two Policies

Management policy

Cost reduction and continuous challenge to tomorrow by thoroughly eliminating 3 negativeness (waste, unevenness, unreasonable)

Quality policy

We will comply with laws, regulation and customers requirements and also we will strive to earn customers credibility through continuous improvements.

Quality Policy

We aim for “No claim” from customers.